‘Lone Ranger’
Spoken Word Poem By Ryan Teura

See I’ve always been a lone ranger since I was first created
Having been born with a lazy eye that was birth related
Now I acknowledge my flaws the same way i’m proud of my traits
and I’ll lay them all out on the plate just in case someone else can relate

Because I always lay my heart out when it comes to freedom of speech
The same way I lay my cards out so they can read em and weep
Now I could spend all day discussing my lack of precision
Like how I could never call a ball due to my uncoordinated vision

And how my entire family happen to be front-line athletes
While this black sheep with his rabbit slash gap teeth remains in the back-seat
and i’m not exactly dashing face it how weird would that be
I mean it’s been years and I still suffer from severe acne?

See i’m not what you’d call tall dark and handsome
Scratch that, more like short starch and rancid
and because of my seclusive nature I’ve never really had many friends
So if life’s a beach than I guess I’m swimming with sharks in the deep end

As the shy outcast at the back of the class
and i’m hesitant when i reminisce about being attacked in the yard
Constantly bullied into feeling like a joker on a dark knight
No racism but that’s why I separate myself from the rest like apartheid

To avoid being called names like bung eye, Cyclops or the one eyed handicap
The last one picked is the first one picked on, even I can see the irony in that.
As a gifted misfit still conflicted by what I used to go through,
I guess that’s why i’m difficult to get close to.

See I’ve been designated as a weir-do but I no longer care though
cos now I look out for numero uno so that puts me one notch above zero
so as you can see i’m not here for any sympathy
merely to state that I refuse to allow any disability to limit me

Being different is something I’ve always hated
but nowadays i’m proud to say that I’ve embraced it
Having converted my introversion to develop my own flavour
I am and will forever be a lone ranger

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