“My mum is ‘Supermum’. She single-handedly raised my two siblings and I by working two jobs, one as a preschool teacher and the other as a community worker. Her work ethic was inspiring but so were her ‘lectures’. Although they seemed repetitive and boring, they helped create a mindset that made me determined to not become another stereotype or statistic.

I wanted to go to university but the odds were stacked up against me: single mum, low decile high school, not a lot of people aspiring to big dreams around me. But because of my mum I strived throughout high school to get into university.

I focused on sports and working hard to meet the university requirements. It wasn’t easy by any means but now I’ve now graduated with a communication degree majoring in media studies. I love to write about people, promoting positive stories, specifically about young people and giving them a voice. My dream is to become an influential storyteller in my community.”


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