“I remember the massive freedom that I had as a child. Freedom to explore and develop as a person on my own terms. That freedom set me up for where I am now. I have a huge passion for singing worship. The worship pastor position at church had been open for two years, and I felt God calling me to it. I had doubts, but I sought counsel from my family and friends and they encouraged and nurtured me. Everyone said “if this is you and you want to go for it… have a crack, you have nothing to lose.” I approached my senior pastor, he leaned back in his chair and said “you might be young, but who cares!”

At my commissioning, my family and friends filled half the church. I knew that it wasn’t just my decision, it was everyone else supporting me too. I knew about God’s love and what it says in his word… but I felt His love embodied that day. I hadn’t ever felt it like that before. That freedom I had as a child allowed me to step into that opportunity.”

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