Kallani-jayde Koloamatangi-Rogers


“For eleven years of my life my parents were drug dealers. It was my Dad’s full time job with my Mum pretty much his associate. Because this was their focus, my siblings and I missed out on spending lots of time as a family. Then about four years ago our lives changed.

We were at the local pools where my Dad met a guy named Andrew. He invited us to a Christian Kick-Boxing class. My Dad went and this event was the beginning of huge changes for our family.

For the last two years my Dad has had no associations with drugs or gangs, and he has since shared his story to multiple groups. We are strong followers of the Christian faith now, and are having a family baptism soon.

Dad is now working and is wanting to start his own business. I am so thankful for meeting Andrew cause now I have my Dad back.”

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