My Dad died in a truck collision last year. At the time I was with a guy that I really loved and I had been choosing him over everyone, especially my Dad. In the last two weeks of my Dad’s life, we weren’t getting along well and at one point I told him I hated him. At that same time I was on a break with my boyfriend and I remember lying in bed praying that God would take away my Dad instead of my boyfriend. Then it happened. My Dad was taken away and the guy I was in love with for nearly two years broke up with me via text just before the funeral. I felt like I had lost everything.

I remember trying to cry like everyone else but I couldn’t. I couldn’t cry over my Dad, instead I cried over a guy that broke my heart. It took me months to start grieving over my Dad and I felt so guilty for the way I had treated him. Even to this day I struggle to comprehend everything that happened.

Cherish every day you have with your loved ones. You never think that you will lose them until it happens. Tell the people that you’re close to that you love them and how much they mean something to you. Don’t leave disagreements, arguments and fights unresolved because nothing can ever be predicted.

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  • Jesse Paea says:

    I am on the phone with you know xo 25/02/2016
    so proud at far you have come and the hardship of the battles you endured
    Love you always, Jesse. x

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