Tania W

“I can feel it like it was yesterday. Mum and Dad were gone and I went into a downward spiral knowing that I had to be there for my siblings. I was only 12 years old. A child needs their parents with all their being. I got incredibly sick because I missed them so much. The court trial took a year. Mum did her best to get us ready, but it was a scary time. The most precious gift they left us was knowing that they LOVED us. They showed us, they told us, it was clear.

My cousin took all five of us kids while Mum and Dad were inside. She was the only one who would take us all. She fed us and left us with a passion for good food! She helped mould us into who we are today. What could have been really bad, she helped make good. And now, I just want to spread that around. It doesn’t take much to spread that love. A bit of time, a compliment, a smile… we each have the power to sprinkle some sunshine around us.”

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