Temple P

I was gifted to my papa at two years old because my parents moved overseas. He became my everything, my example of a father figure. We didn’t have a vehicle, but every Tuesday, on pension day, my papa would walk to town to pick up chicken and chips for my lunch, and then drop it to me at school. It was my favourite meal of the week. He loved me as if I was his son. He gave me everything that I needed to get a good start in life. As a nine year old my parents came back. They had split up and there was a custody disagreement, ending up with me in foster care for what seemed like a year. Papa’s house was close to my foster home. So one day I ran away to his house. I grabbed my papa and held on so tightly to his legs. I remember looking back to see the foster dad there, who looked like he was going to smack me. I ended up living with my dad. He worked hard to provide for me and enjoyed the odd party and everything that comes with it. However, I longed to be back with my papa who was my greatest example. My life experiences are the reason why I have such a passion for young men who are going through similar struggles. I don’t want my own son to go through what I did. Many young people are like me, trying to find a way out of their confusion. My heart is to help them make a positive change.

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