“I lost my mum at the age of 12. This experience made me grow up a lot faster than others. I had to step into her role, helping to look after my younger siblings. Unfortunately my dad was unable to bounce back from the pain after losing Mum so we were taken off him and sent to live with our Grandparents. It was a messy time but we took it day by day.

This all happened at a critical time in my life as I was transitioning from intermediate to high school. All my friends were free to take risks and be young but I always had the mentality that I had to be at home to help out. My thinking was different. I was needed at home, I was the eldest.

Now my siblings and I are near adulthood ourselves, we have all turned out OK. We all finished school (the youngest is about to), we work and we are like everyone else. Living life to the best we can.”



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