“Performing Arts is not about satisfying my ego, although it used to be. It’s about changing lives. I loved being the main actor on stage, but this changed in 2008 when I did a play about violence against women. It connected with me and showed me that performing arts can have a social conscience. I feel I have a duty as a performer, to bring awareness to things that might be hindering our community be it drugs, alcohol or, violence. We need to be brave enough to take on that responsibility.
I’m not scared to be a voice for the minority, be it youth, LGBTQI or whatever.
I want to use the performing arts as a vessel for education about mental health and suicide prevention. My goal for audiences are that they leave a different person. If the main theme is talked about then I know I’m successful. Talking is not a weakness, it’s a sign of bravery to be able to speak. I’m not gonna conquer the world by myself, but if i can make a dent along the way it’s worth it.”


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