Adrienne B

My son’s name in Samoan means “new hope”. I had him when I was 20. At that time my mum was married to a minister and a lot of people looked down on me for having a baby. I really feared for my mum and her reputation. I would enter a room and people would whisper about me. I had big dreams, of becoming a cop and travelling the world, or maybe becoming a professional sportsperson. I became really down and depressed and I thought my world had ended. At the same time, I sacrificed my own education to provide and support my family. Growing up in a environment with domestic violence, transiency, overcrowding and sexual abuse, I knew that I did not want my son to have the same upbringing. My son has actually put things into perspective for me. I have meaning to life. Even when I have a hard day I can go home to his kisses and cuddles. I want to show him that even though we might have only a little bit of money, that if we can help people out in any way, we will do it. I love the time I spend with him and how I see his life flourishing. I hope that one day my son will be able to look at me and see that everything I have done, I have done for him.

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