Andrew S

When I was 10, my dad started building our house. We all lived on site in a caravan and tent while it was being built. Mum and Dad had their hot water bed under the awning. It was like having a year of camping. Cyclone Bola came through during that year. I remember the wind and how the tent was flapping around. I wasn’t scared, but it was intense! Somehow I fell asleep during the storm and woke up the morning feeling very wet. The whole tent had been picked up and blown away while we slept!

My parents gave us many great experiences. I feel like it opened me up to know there’s more than just my own neighbourhood. There’s a big world out there, and you can go and explore it. It’s so important to grow your mind. Learning about other people helps us know ourselves. And when we get that, we can teach that sense of self to our kids. It gives us direction and stability. Knowing yourself helps you guide other people, helps them flourish.

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