I was expelled from school at 16, had my first baby at 17, my second at 22 and third at 25. My experience with my first midwife was awesome. However with my subsequent pregnancies I felt I was treated like a stereotype, that assumptions were made about me because I was young, brown and uneducated. This experience motivated me to become a midwife myself. I wanted to be sitting in a seat like her, but to be uplifting with young mums like me. I understand that we all come with social issues but these issues don’t make people who they are. Everyone has issues, but that’s not an excuse as to how you should treat them. I want to work in south Auckland, that is my purpose for this journey. I love our culture, I love dealing with our families. I want to change the way that midwifery care is provided for our young Maori and Pasifika mums.

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