Bobby Ioramo, Mangere

When I was young I found myself abandoned by my parents, leaving my Grandparents to raise me. This left me with some serious anger issues. I fought heaps at school, then at the age of 14 I found myself expelled from mainstream schooling, involved with gangs for over three years and a frequent user of drugs and alcohol.

I became enrolled in an alternative education facility and it was here that I decided was my time to change. It was baby steps, little by little, but I found my identity as I lost my tendency to follow others.

Today I now work at the education facility that supported me to make this change, giving me a chance to help others the way that I was helped.

The greatest advice i could give others would be to, Just be you! You can be no greater or less than what God intended you to be.

I like to live by the word “THEME”. If you look at it closely the word says THE-ME. THE ME I see wants to be free, and the only way to do that is to be real with yourself.

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