Cam and Cara

Cameron and Cara, Manurewa

We are complete opposites. Cam likes punk rock, fishing on a boat and and making people laugh by being a clown. I like hip hop, art and crafts and chilling at home. Cam was raised by beautiful parents in the paradise of Gisborne. I was surrounded by (a family with) alcoholism and mental illness in army homes.

I cry watching Greys Anatomy, Cam cries when the Warriors lose.

But together we work, and our values match. We get through the toughest moments, go on crazy adventures, live life to the fullest, help people when we can – life would be very boring without each other together. We married our best friend.

One of our ongoing adventures is that we have fostered 18 children in our home, sometimes up to 6 or 7 at once. It can be hard to say goodbye but we have been privileged to be able to help our foster children overcome some horrific trauma.

We have also had years of infertility, battling through financially crippling fertility treatments hoping for a baby of our own….and we are so blessed that we are finally pregnant! However we don’t plan to stop fostering, and hope that we will forever have an expanding whanau.

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