Caroline W

My parents have always encouraged me, telling me to take charge, and that I could do anything. I found school very hard and I was in a low class. I hated being in there and worked hard to get out of it. My parents would see me up late at night studying and would try and help me understand what I was learning. Their support helped me get to university. When I was 25 my dad died from suicide. I was just coming into full adulthood, about to leave the nest. I always thought my nest would be there for me, but suddenly it wasn’t. My family had always been so tight, but when he died our whole family unit was affected.
My own experience drives me in my work with others. I know the impact of suicide. I get it, I understand families who have had similar experiences. I get emotional because I know the deeper places you have to dig from to get through these struggles when life suddenly changes like that. In looking back, I believe our tragedies are blessings in disguise. They force us to dig deeper, find new strengths that allow us to live life beyond our wildest imagination!!!

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