“Recently, Lecrae has released an album called Anomaly. I looked up what anomaly meant and it says that it’s ‘something that deviates from what is standard, normal or expected’.

I started thinking about my life and how from birth till the age of almost 2, I was neglected, abused and malnourished. I was then placed in a foster home till I was almost 4 and then adopted into a loving family.

In theory, because of the neglect and abuse from when I was a baby, I should be brain damaged. I shouldn’t be able to walk, talk or function as well and as normally as I do. But by the grace of God I have done more than survive.

I was a prefect at school, I was awarded 3 different scholarships when I left school, I always had good grades and can paint and draw. I did a year of uni and I love to read and this year I am furthering my study in what I’m most passionate about.

God had His eye on me from day one and so because of that He has made me an anomaly. When I had all the odds stacked up against me from birth, God stacked me up against the odds. I am anomaly.”

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