Donna P

I’m not the sort of person that takes pride in the things that I do, I don’t really see the worth in that. What makes me proud is being in a position to provide support for people who really need it when they are seeking help for the basics in life. When I see that I’ve helped someone to get a grant so they can live in a warm house… or for their kids to have shoes to wear to school? Those are the things that make me so proud. I formed ‘Mana Advocacy’, because I have a passion to help people who find it difficult to speak up for themselves. I don’t take over, I help them with the knowledge they need so they can speak up – because everyone deserves to sleep in a bed with blankets. I love supporting the people of Clendon in this way, because I once had someone speak up for me when I couldn’t. I fell in love with advocacy from that moment. I got trained and have done this ever since. Poverty wasn’t caused by the poor. People in these situations, it’s not their fault.

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