Heta D

I am someone who loves to give things a crack. I’m also very competitive! When work decided to join the “Steptember” challenge I announced to everyone that I was going to do a million steps over the month. I didn’t think about how much walking that was! I worked out that I would have to average 27km per day to make my target. I had to walk to work, from Manurewa to Auckland city! I would leave my house at 3am to make it there by 8am. Sometimes I would walk home too. My son asked me to take him to the movies on the weekend, and I made him walk with me, the long way around! Spending so much time alone with myself that month really made me understand what makes me tick. I learnt about my resilience, about how when I say that I am gona do something, I do it. That month I walked over a million steps. I remember getting into the elevator at work and someone asked me how many steps I had done that day. When I told them 32,000 they couldn’t believe it.

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