“I have a lot of time for animals. If you’re not an animal person you wouldn’t understand. Animals don’t judge, but love you for you. You don’t have to do a lot, just feed them, exercise them and they really will be your best friend. I have spent time volunteering at the SPCA. I chose to work with the dogs, and many of those were neglected. It makes me angry and sad to see how they have been treated. They can’t speak for themselves.

Learning how to take care of animals is important. If we treat them better, then maybe we would be able to treat each other better too. Owning my first dog was like becoming a mum for the first time. She was my ‘fur baby’ and totally part of the family. Then kids came along and it has been a great learning experience for them being able to connect with and help to take care of our dogs. When I had to put Zena down this year after over 14 years, I cried myself to sleep for two weeks. People ask me if/when I am going to get a new puppy, but I’m still heartbroken so I won’t be getting another dog any time soon. We are fortunate that we still have one dog at home and he misses Zena too.”


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