Ken S

When I was about 18, I started to think about God and the reality of Him. If he was real, what were the implications of that? I started to spend more time reading the Bible and talking to God. I began to have a strong sense that if I dedicated my life to him, he had a specific purpose for me. I had no idea what that meant or looked like, but made a choice to start following Jesus.

The pieces started coming together when my wife and I connected with a teenage girl from South Auckland. We were living in West Auckland at the time, but before we knew it, we were visiting her and her family every week. We became a part of their lives, and through her, met other young people who we began to support. We were out south so much, that after a year it made sense to move here.

Now Manurewa is our home and we love it. It’s our community and we wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I want to love people and help them find who they are. Calling out the gifts and dreams in people. For me, it’s about building relationships. If the relationship is there, you have real community.

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