Larry T

I had applied for 136 jobs from July to December 2007 when I saw job number 137 advertised in the paper. I was at an all time low, questioning my person-hood – value, worth and ability to provide for my wife and kids. I applied. Took my last $130 to Hallensteins and brought a new outfit. I wanted to make the best impression I could. I studied up on expected interview questions and walked into the interview. This guy came over to me, shook my hand and asked me “What matters to you in life?” I straight away told him that that wasn’t one of the questions that he was meant to ask me, that this wasn’t on the interview questions list. He laughed and we started chatting. He told me there were 150 people more qualified than me for this role. I told him they couldn’t offer what I could. I am all about people. I can bring them together, build culture, family. He said he would call me. I told him I was on a prepay phone, going to Samoa for two weeks and wouldn’t be able to answer. He said he’d leave a message. I got back from Samoa and topped up my phone. There were 5 messages. The last one said “If you want this job then you better call me!” I called him!

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