Marshal W

I was born in India. My dad taught us the value of giving to community. He was successful, running a business with hundreds of staff… but if we asked him to buy something for us, he would say no. He wanted us to learn to stand on our own two feet and be independent. I moved to New Zealand eight years ago because this country is known for its friendliness. When I graduated with a degree my dad came out from India for the ceremony – that was one of my most proud moments! I could go back to India and live a lavish life, but I love what I do, and I love giving back to the community. I work in my spare time cooking meals for the homeless. I believe that every person deserves to eat good food and live in a home. I’ve had times in my life when I have only eaten one meal a day and slept in a train station. My dream is to work with other community organisations to see the issue of homelessness go away.

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