Mathew N

I’m so proud of my kids. I was 31 when my first was born. Halfway through the pregnancy, the scan revealed that there was a problem. It was the first time I remember feeling the worry of being a parent. We all hope our kids will be healthy and happy, and when they’re not, it’s a source of anxiety. When she arrived we were so surprised. She was the first Newman girl in 45 years! And did she make an entrance! She nearly screamed the house down!

I’m one of 5 boys and my uncle had three boys so I had a huge sense of accomplishment to bring a girl into the world. It was the icing on the cake. The next day the news got out and the room was chocka with flowers.

My own childhood had dedicated parents. So I got a huge sense of providing for my children and helping them grow into adults with good judgement. But I think the secret to happiness is to let them be happy in themselves. Having expectations on who your children should be will ruin that. Happiness is different for everyone. I celebrate the happiness we have and support my children for who they are.

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