Melissa A

“I was really lucky being raised in Weymouth. We had freedom and it was safe. I got to ride my bike and have two bucks to go to the dairy, playing in the flax for hours on end. I think that’s where this passion for working in my community has come from. I want everyone to have that.

I live in a new housing development in Clendon. I have worked really hard there for three years with like minded people to bring back the safe neighbourhood of the 80’s. I used to drive past the Clendon town centre and try to ignore it. It was filthy and dirty. But then I realised, how is ignoring it helpful? I connected with other people who cared. It was about taking a stand. We all got around a table. We built a Food Forest, did clean ups, murals, paint outs and reactivated the Clendon Community House. It’s all about creating hope. Regardless of your situation, love and kindness are free. You don’t have to have all the money in the world to love your kids or your neighbours. It’s just one smile, one moment of ‘connection’ that could change a life.”

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