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I was thirty seven when I met my husband online. We chatted everyday through Skype and Email and then in person when he came to visit me in Lebanon six months later. I was aware of the dangers of meeting someone online, lucky for me he was the same person face to face as he’d been online.

It wasn’t awkward on our first date, I felt like I already knew him. However my mind was a whirlwind of questions. What would happen? Did he like me? Did he want to continue our relationship? The answer was yes! He wanted to meet my family! So I planned a visit and they took an instant liking to him. He asked to speak to my mother privately and I had a gut feeling about the subject! The next day we went to a beautiful restaurant in the city. He proposed and I said yes without a doubt. I had already fallen in love with him online even before he came to Lebanon.

We married in Lebanon and have been living in New Zealand for over 3 years! I now have a job as a library assistant and we are expecting our first baby in less than a month. I feel blessed because I didn’t just get a husband, but a friend to laugh with and hold my hand through life’s challenges. He wasn’t perfect and neither am I but we are perfect for each other.

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