“To become a giant, you must walk with giants.”

My most valued lessons in life have not come from my studies on paper but my study of leaders. Great men and women who are changing their environments simply through their influence. The person that you see now is due to the men and women who I chose to surround myself with, or who chose me to invest their time into.

I intentionally pursued their wisdom, sat under their teaching, applied their techniques to my life and found ways to live life with purpose, value, wisdom and risk. I still pursue these “giants” because we can never stop being a student.

Who are you surrounding yourself with today? We do not need sympathy from those who condone our present, but we need cheerleaders who champion our future – who cheer out the best in you, believe in you, invest in you and sometimes give you the “jandal” to slap out the greatness in you that you do not see yourself. What giants are walking alongside you?

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