Tell me about a time in your life that required a significant change.

“Deep down I knew I had to change. No addict wants to be an addict. I wanted to stop but I couldn’t. Narcotics anonymous told me I had to change 3 things, PPT – People, Places and Things. My mother had had enough of the drug issues in South Africa when she felt this “call from God” to go to New Zealand, not knowing why.

When we left South Africa I was Googling where to get drugs in New Zealand and how much they were going to cost. I had no intention of getting clean or changing my drug habits. There’s always a desire inside of you to stop but there’s this also a voice of defeat telling you that you can’t. You’re constantly thinking about why you can’t stop instead of why you can. My mum invited me to an Easter production in Mangere and I liked what I saw. I wanted to be part of it. I went back the next week and gave my heart to God. That decision helped to get the ball rolling for me and the consuming desire to use drugs slowly wore off. Now I’m officially 2 years drug free!”

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