“We had a couple of big fires on the Clendon/Weymouth coastline a few years back. It culminated in one huge fire. The school hall filled with people wanting to know what the council was going to do. A group was formed to look after the Pitt Ave Reserve/Manukau walkway, make it a place people wanted to come to. Not being academic I put up my hand to walk the foreshore and report things which were detrimental to the place. For three years now I have been walking every day, gathering rubbish and reporting to the council things that need to be done. Its my regular fitness program if you like. My real passion is to keep the rubbish and plastic out of the harbour. I collect bags of the jolly stuff.
I’m not ready for sitting inside drinking cups of tea with all those old people. It’s not my thing at all. Some people will ask me “Why do you pick up the rubbish, it’s a big job?” I do it because there have been very few offers from others to help with clearing the rubbish from the shoreline.”

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  • Carol Spring says:

    Amazing Gerry and every little bit of rubbish goes a long way, no matter how big the pile … if only others would appreciate that too.

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