I have always loved film. When my brother Kosta was sick I made funny videos for him, to cheer him up, which he loved. He was diagnosed with cancer in January 2015, he was eight years old. For the first few weeks I didn’t know what he had, not until I visited him in hospital and mum told me he had a brain tumour. I thought he would get better, we all did. I was so scared every day of losing him. We tried everything to save our Kosta. One morning I woke up to lots of screaming and crying and I walked into my mama and tata’s room where Kosta was sleeping, he had passed away. The sadness hasn’t really gotten better, its still the same. Grief isn’t something that you get through or get over, it stays with you but you learn to live with it. As a family you learn that its ok to be sad, cry, but you can also experience joy. One of my big dreams is to be able to make films that are meaningful. I want to be both an activist and a director, and use money to donate to charities. Films are a way I can express myself. I made the short film “Our Superheroes” for my Kosta, to share my pain and raise awareness. I am happy and humbled that it was selected to be played at Times Square, New York in October.

To watch “Our Superheroes”


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