Atarau P (2/3)

I got accepted into university to study law. None of my siblings had done any tertiary study so the pressure was on. But I flunked that year, I hated it! I’ve always been someone who doesn’t like to listen and I felt like law was really constrained. I was depressed and I went into my own downward spiral. It was the pressure of wanting to make my family happy and not making it in law. I felt like I wouldn’t make it anywhere. One day at 3am it all came out and I burst into tears and went into my mums room and told her I didn’t want to be here anymore. I was in a really dark place. She was so good and listened and supported me. I went to a doctor which I didn’t find helpful. I didn’t want to go on prescribed drugs. While I was there a nurse came up to me and told me about a boot camp that was starting. I didn’t want to do exercise, in my mind this wasn’t about my physical well-being, but my mental and emotional well-being, but I decided to go.

I hated it the first few times but I stuck with it. I refused the meds and I started to enjoy it! I started to feel better about myself. I decided to stop law and found a paper that I really loved which was sociology!

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