Clint V

My younger brother has special needs. When I was growing up I helped mum to look after him. Sometimes I would have to finish school early to go and collect him from his caregivers, make him dinner and protect him from other children who would pick on him. Sometimes people would stare at him, but I have never felt resentment towards him.

As an adult a lot of the stuff I do is because of my younger bro. Sometimes I get complacent and lazy about doing stuff, and then I remember that my brother doesn’t have the same opportunities that I have, that he doesn’t have a choice in what he gets to do. One thing I am involved in is “Camp Quality” – for kids with cancer. I have been volunteering for these camps for 12 years. They are amazing and I love seeing these kids having so much fun. I love the Camp Quality motto, that you might not be able to do anything about the quantity of someone’s life, but you can do something about the quality.

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