Emma P

I hated myself when I was younger. The way I looked, talked, thought, learned. I couldn’t spell. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression when I was six.. I wouldn’t go anywhere or stand up in front of anyone. I would shiver and shake and not make eye contact when people spoke to me. I always got butterflies. I had to have a code word to get out of places.
This year I’ve realised “Oh I can be me! Without people making me feel like a horrible person. I’m me! ​ What’s the point of being here if I can’t be me.” I’ve come to see that my emotions help things. Sometimes it’s annoying, cos you have so many emotions when you’d rather be logical, but I’ve learned that my emotions are really good for me. This year I have become the best of myself that I can be. I’ve done speeches, been in front of people, helped people. There hasn’t been a defining moment. It’s been this whole year. The realisation that I am worth something. I can change the world! I can become whoever I want to be! This year has been the best year of my life!

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