I have a dream that Māori and Pākehā will one day be able to sing in reality the words from the national anthem: ‘In the bonds of love we meet’.

I grew up in England, but since living in New Zealand I have become deeply committed to cultural reconciliation. It’s one of my biggest passions. When I first engaged in the Māori world it was like it filled a hole in my heart. It’s become one of my biggest passions, not just as a pastor but also as a person. Learning Te Reo Māori is important to me and I’ve worked really hard over the last three years to attain the degree of fluency I have. I’ve been able to maintain the conviction and discipline required to actually make it happen, pushing through pain where I felt useless, bottom of the class and totally out of my comfort zone. In previous languages I’ve tailed off, but this time I’ve pushed through and I keep refocusing on the most important thing, which is Te Reo. I know my goal – fluency by 2020. I know how I’m going to get there and I’m on track!

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