Maureen F ~ Poem

It’s ok to not feel ok some days.
It’s ok to love somebody but not always like them.
It’s ok to not have all the answers.
It’s ok to stay in your pjs all day.
It’s ok to curl up and ignore the pinging phone and knocking on the door.
It’s ok to want to fuki-slamm somebody sometimes.
It’s ok to make the same dumb mistake you promised yourself you would never make again.
It’s ok to get teary eyes just because.
It’s ok to feel totally useless and unappreciated sometimes.
It’s ok to stuff up every now and then.
It is not failure, it is human experience; life.
And it’s ok to learn and grow from it.
Just don’t stay in it.
Don’t allow yourself to drown in it.
It’s ok to pick yourself up and change direction.
It’s ok to try again,
and again,
and again,
and again,
and again…
It’s ok to ask for help.
You will be ok.
It will be ok.
It’s ok.

~ Maureen Fepuleai 29 March 2019.


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