Mellissa G (2/2)

Within a week of completing the course I felt emotion. I remember feeling all warm when I saw my nephew and realised that I was feeling love. I was able to feel emotion towards my boyfriend and I had so much more energy with the children I worked with. I was still struggling with compulsive thinking and when my relationship ended it made me realise that I didn’t feel safe just “being me”. I moved in with my sister for three months and she helped give me the tools to change my obsessive thinking. I dug into finding out who God thought I was. This changed me. My Abba (God) loved me. No longer was my relationship with God head knowledge; I knew it in my heart. I can now be strong. I have a strength that I did not have before, knowing that my father in heaven has me, loves me and no matter what happens it will not change the fact that he is with me and I can walk forward in that. I am not held back in the fear that I am not strong enough. Everyday I am proud of who I am and what God has done with me. I have freedom and joy.

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