Nafi L (2/3)

Part 2

I was flown up to Middlemore Hospital. As I was brought out of the ambulance on a stretcher I saw my dad turn around and walk away crying. It was really difficult for my parents seeing me like that. I had my scan and the doctor told me there was little chance I would ever walk again. I was like #$%^! My whole life revolved around using my legs. I was in a state of shock. Up till the scan I was just hoping for the best. Then it hit me that it wasn’t gonna be alright. It was like my life flashed before my eyes.

I had surgery and was in hospital for two weeks. I lay there on my back staring at the ceiling, counting the dots wondering if this was what my life was gonna be like now. Everything being done for me, feeding, dressing, toileting. I had to relearn these and it was soul crushing having others take care of me. I was fiercely independent and it was so tough. It took me about two years to get to the point of independent living.

Acceptance was important in helping me move forward, that this is the way it’s gonna be. It got to a point after about two years of life passing me by that I knew I had to make the best of a crappy situation. I told myself to stop wasting my life, sulking and hiding away. Get your act together and lets do this!

I got into wheelchair rugby and the guys I met through that taught me a lot about life after a serious injury. They showed me that my disability was not the end of the world. I played for NZ and travelled all over the globe with the team.

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