In my life I’ve been through it all,
I’ve had my ups and I’ve had my downfalls.
The best time in my life was having my daughter,
Not being in her life while she’s getting older, is out of order.

What’s my life struggle, what can I reveal?
When I freestyle I tell the people how I feel.
Not being around as a Dad,
Not seeing my daughter growin’ up that’s sad.
Not being in her life makes it wrong,
I wana be around her that’s the meaning to my song.

I may not be around, what can I say?
I live in Auckland she lives in Whangarei.
I’m trying to pave the way, I live by my conscious
Survivals all I know, cause failures not an option.

Even though I’m successful, I’m not a good parent,
If anyone’s looking for honesty, I just bought clearance.

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