“I started “Legacy” cause I wanted to leave something for my son. I want to give him options, not living day to day how I grew up. I left university twice. The first time following being questioned by lecturers about how I had gotten my themes etc on an essay that had gotten an A+. It didn’t matter that I had been Dux of my school and given a three year scholarship because of my academic ability. The second time I left as I needed to help financially support my family. I want my son to have options for his career path, even if he doesn’t want to be a performing artist he can fall back on this. “Legacy” is all about hard work and putting in the effort. I always try to educate my crew about the need to be articulate, to break down stereotypes, and to prove that we are capable of more than what is expected of us. It’s not about accolades cause they don’t save lives.”

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