This motivated and mature teen has high hopes for her future and South Auckland. Her love for the place she calls home is infectious and we can’t wait to see what her future in the South holds.

“I’ve had stereotypes surrounding me my whole life. I was born in China but grew up in South Auckland. In primary school I would be told to “go back to your country”. In intermediate the comments moved to “Oh you are Asian, so you must be super smart, can you help me with my homework?” Now at Manurewa High school, if someone was told to go back to where they came from, it would not have the same effect. Most of us have roots somewhere else but we all have equal opportunity here. Just as there are stereotypes surrounding my culture, there are stereotypes about South Aucklanders. No-one sees our good side. They only ever see ‘Southside’.

My message to anyone held down by opinions; whether it’s your own, or someone else’s, is to rise above what ties you down. Don’t let anybody or anything place limits on you and what you can achieve.”


  • Dylyn says:

    I love this 😊

  • grace matiu says:

    Congratulations! What a wonderful inspiring motivational way of capturing the guts wisdom and humility of ordinary South Auckland people. When you read the stories of random peoples I feel pride selfish aroha & at times tangi. When you think you’re world sucks physically socially emotionally and spiritually …… the writers have not complained they are selfless have overcome adversity and challenges beyond – you really gotta be saying to yourself snap out of it drama queen!. Love it!

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