“At thirty four I met my father for the first time and found out that he too was a bouncer, in Samoa. I hadn’t known anything at all about him till this point. As a bouncer he was a lot more ruthless than me. That’s when I thought ‘Do I want this for my kids?’ I didn’t. I don’t want my kids to be bouncers; I don’t want them to follow in my footsteps that way.

I started to run a bible study but nobody was turning up, so I made a deal. I agreed to drop the fees for a small group of boys I was training in Muay Tai kickboxing, in return for them attending my bible study. The small group has now turned into a community called ‘SOLID Community’.

I’m not afraid to train anyone, no matter what their reputation might be. I know how God has changed my life drastically and that he can do the same for them.”

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