People call me Santa and to be honest I really do feel like Santa. The last few years I have actually been the Santa at Manukau Westfield, but being Santa is something that I feel I am 24/7. When I’m not being Santa I am a paramedic and have been for the past 20 years. I was even able to deliver a baby just past the Manukau on ramp on Christmas Eve in 2012. I have had my own health difficulties including a heart attack 4 years ago where I was technically dead for a couple of minutes. I was so grateful to be given a second chance at life and I now want to make the most of my life and my family. Life can be changed by a number of things, so live life to the full, don’t let others drag you down, be kind to others and love your family. If you see me around town please stop and say ‘hello’.

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