What is the most significant moment of your life so far?

“It’s Bronson, my eldest son. When Bronson rung me up while he was in bible college and told me that he forgave me. That was very significant because I never thought that, that could happen. I thought it was done.”


“Because I wasn’t there for him, so for the first 17 years of his life I was away in the military. I was always away. When I did come home I was a sergeant major at home so my family couldn’t wait till I left again. Because I was, ya know, pretty messed up, they weren’t a priority. The military was my career not my family. So when I came to Christ that changed. I changed. I always had hope that God would heal my relationship with my son and then just out of the blue he rung me up from Arizona where he was, rung me up and said he forgave me. I was a bit of a mess for the next few hours, it was a very defining moment as a Dad to see God do that miracle in our relationship.”

How old was Bronson at the time of the phone call?

“He was 17 and now we work together which is pretty amazing really.”

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