“My dad is a man of action, not words. His actions taught me how to be a family man, and that family was everything. Growing up, I clashed with my dad. He was very strict. I wanted freedom, and did my own thing for a while, but as I got older, and became a father myself, I started to appreciate my dad and his values. I didn’t want to only be a party guy. I also wanted to be a man not just of action, but of words too. I understood that Kiwi guys don’t talk to their parents or friends or cousins about what’s really going on. Struggles and stuff. Traditionally, Kiwi men have felt that if they don’t handle their own problems then they are not ‘real men’. But times have changed, and men want to talk, but the right platform was not there. Growing up in South Auckland taught me about community, and that we need each other. So I co-founded a FB page called Kiwi Daddy’s. This is a community where men help each other, and talk about things like suicide, depression, relationship issues and unemployment. We currently have 60,000 men active online.”


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