Liz L

I first met Peter when I was 14. We met again years later at ballroom dancing classes. I’d been away and done my OE and was a bit bored. I went to the beginners classes and he was in the class ahead of me. One night there weren’t enough men for our group so that class stayed back to partner us. The next week the same thing happened and he partnered up again with me. I’m very good with names and he’s not. When he asked me “What’s your name again?”, I was stunned he couldn’t remember! We have been married now for 36 years. It has not been an easy road, but what marriage is? I believe in partnership, if you’ve made a commitment with someone you take the good with the bad, you don’t run away. Even though my default setting is to run. You also do it because you love the person, and love endures all things.

We tried dancing again a couple of years ago and what a laugh it was. We both ended up with sore knees and hips.

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