“I used to be so fat that I had to roll out of bed every day. One day I got mad. I was lying on the floor, sick of being so fat that I couldn’t move. I made a decision, got up, and started to walk. This was the beginning of my journey.

Trying to lose weight has been the hardest struggle of my life. I hadn’t always been fat, I used to be skinny. My weight gain started when I lost my Granddad. He was “my rock”. He had always been the one to tell me off when I did the wrong thing, to snap me out of the crap I was doing. He was always there for me. With him gone I tried to cover his loss with alcohol, over eating and drugs.

I was drinking every day, smoking 3 packets of cigarettes a day and doing drugs if they were available. Nobody could stop me and I wasn’t bothered. I thought I was still in school, healthy as, not able to see the person I had become. Then the best thing happened, I found the Lord. This has changed my life completely. I’ve changed my views on people because honestly I used to hate everybody. If I hated you, I’d hit you. That’s one thing I love about the Lord; he teaches you to love everyone, even your enemies…now that’s hard!

In the beginning when I started walking I couldn’t even walk 100 meters without puffing and I barely made it but something had clicked inside of me and I was motivated to change. I didn’t want to be that guy any more. I used to be 165kg and now i’m 113kg. My goal is to get under 100kg by the end of this year. How have I done this? I do Zumba 6 times a week and drink a lot of water now.”

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