Swanie N

My parents weren’t the richest, but they were smart with their money. They also showed us immense care and compassion and they are where I got my work ethic from. My mum used to get up at 5am to heat up the clothes for me and my sister so we could get into warm clothes every day.

I am so proud of the Pātaka Kai movement which I started here in Otara, because it allows the community to come together and show compassion towards each other, just like my parents showed me.

I want my own kids to be thankful for whatever they have, and to have context and understanding around that. I want them to build their world view so that they can grow up to be givers and to use money for a bigger purpose. With the pātaka their role is to organise the kai that is donated, and to separate the bread into the paper bags. I really want them to learn to be generous.

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