Troy H

My dad was a hard worker but a heavy drinker and from the age of 14 I was doing milk runs every night and paper runs on two mornings before school to help get food for my family. I have no regrets about this, as this made me who I am today. My grandparents were my main role models. They were they type of people that if they got a call at 2 or 3am to help someone, they would, no questions asked. They were great examples of love in action. Totally selfless and they never complained.

Growing up I saw what my grandparents had with their marriage and I wanted the same. My wife and I have been together now for 30 years. I love her. She is awesome, totally selfless and will do anything for anybody. I also have two daughters who I am so proud of. I just want the best for them and for them to know that they can do anything they want to do. If they call me I will drop everything to help them out. When I became a father I knew that I had a responsibility to be there for them. My daughters were entrusted to me by God and so my responsibility was and still is to love and guide them unconditionally. By doing this I’m not only honouring them but honouring God

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