Fou and Katerina

When I left school I wanted to be a police officer. I did all the pre-requisites and just had to wait six months till I turned eighteen, but I blew it. Drink driving. For the next couple of years I studied things I didn’t want to, I job hopped a lot to pay the bills for our three kids but I had no drive or passion for what I was doing.

Thank God that when he created Adam, he created Eve. She (Katerina) was my Eve, always encouraging me and trying to bring out the best in me. I had had a life of mental and physical abuse so I found it hard to believe in myself, that I could ever be anything or do anything great with my life.

In 2015 after an inspirational conversation with a man I admire, I rung MIT about a Pacific Island scholarship. I applied and was accepted almost straight away. It was such a huge thing to me to be approved. I never thought I was capable or good enough to get something like that. I had to let go of my pride about going back to school and accepting financial help, but it meant I got to do something I love.

We now run a catering business together. My two goals are to use food to bring people together and serve food with a passion. This is what I can confidently say I am good at and I am proud of where I am right now.

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