My dad died when I was four or five leaving mum with five of us kids. I ended up in a children’s home for a year, where they knocked the #$%^ out of us. Being beaten at that young age taught me that the only person who can love you is yourself.

I ended up on the streets at 14, managing to get myself a job and living out of my car for three years. I ended up in the towing business, collecting abandoned vehicles around Auckland. I had been doing it for years and become a bit relaxed. I would use a crane to stack the cars up and one day they fell on me. I never thought I would be able to walk properly again, my right leg wouldn’t work. They wanted to amputate it three times. But my wife wouldn’t let them. I spent six and a half years in a wheelchair. But I was self motivated and knew where I wanted to be. My family were a reason why I wouldn’t just give up and I was determined to not let the world get the better of me

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