I remember sitting at work, in front of my sewing machine trying to call my Mum. She wasn’t answering my calls. When she finally did call me back she was crying down the phone and she told me she had cancer. This was the hardest time of my life. During Chemotherapy Mum lost her hair, and she asked me to make her a hat. She then suggested I could make hats to help others in the same situation, so I did. Mum took them to an oncology session and the ladies bought them all! That was the beginning of ‘Kaus Hats’. I get to meet the women who wear my hats, often visiting them at their homes. It is such an emotional time for them, with so many questions about what they are going through or what is going to happen to them. I often end up crying in my car when I leave their homes. However my aim is to put a smile on their faces during such a difficult time.


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